Boska accessories

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Choose your combination

and order 2 pieces of cheese (1800 grams) from € 22,50

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Boska Accessories

Boska Holland started in Bodegraven, near Gouda, where the original Gouda cheese is made and Willem Bos his first cheese tools for local cheese farmers made​​. From that day the family tradition to inspire during the journey through the delicious cheeses of the world.

Boska’s mission

It is our mission to enjoy cheese and the features people. And it works! Within the total collection you will find everything ranging from cheese slicers and shelves to luxury fondue sets. We continue to develop and will continue to expand with it much more inspiring, innovative and flavorful cheese tools our offerings.

Why do we choose Boska ..

Developing sustainable, beautiful and smart cheese tools that remain tempted to explore the possibilities with cheese is the vision of Boska. We stand completely behind. Boska has in our view, the best quality and the most delightful cheese-related products. Some products are more difficult to obtain because of the growing demand, but we try to have at all times. Much and himself as diverse as possible in stock

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